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Thursday, April 19, 2012

stupid reasons people got married

Unfortunately, lots of people these days get married for all the wrong reasons. Here’s a list I’ve compiled and if you feel like one of these reasons pertains to you, them umm, you probably shouldn’t get married! And if you are married, did U get married for a stupid reason?

-All of my friends are getting married, I’m just getting drunk!

So what if everybody that you know is getting married? It doesn’t mean that you should too! If everyone that you know masterbated to the Jonas Bros CD, would you do it too? Yeah, I didn’t think so. And if you do know people who do that, then they shouldn’t be your friends to begin with.

-I want a baby

No you don’t! Babies are annoying and will change your life. If you want a baby go and babysit for a kid that you will eventually have to give back at some point.

-We’ve been dating for so long, it only seemed like the next step!

This is probably the dumbest reason of them all! There’s no relationship schedule. If you feel like you’re in a rush, or if he’s in a rush, there’s something fishy going on. Make sure to find out if he was born in this country.

-I want to plan a wedding and get drunk

Women everywhere have dreamed of their wedding day ever since they were a little girl. But that’s not an excuse to go ahead and plan a wedding for thousands, or millions of dollars, only to end up getting divorced a few years later, because most likely you aren’t a Kardashian, and if you are, I’m on Twitter!!

-I want to move out of my parents’ house!

Yeah, you really should! But getting married isn’t the way. Get a job and move in with a friend. Haven’t you ever watched Three’s Company or Sex And The City? Having a roommate is way more fun!

-I want to have sex all the time

Sure, who doesn’t? But you can still be in a relationship and have sex all the time. Or have one night stands. Or become a prostitute. See, there’s plenty sex to go around!

-I felt bad saying “no”

Really? Because you’ll feel even worse giving that ring back eventually. Just sayin’


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